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Enjoy your stay in Guanacaste and visit the best locations when you want it and hassle-free. We have available for you the most recent and ruggedized EZGO golf cart models, with all-terrain tires and reinforced suspension. If you are looking for adventure or the freedom to travel anywhere, we offer you a wide range of Side By Side Vehicles, ATV, and motorcycles

You will have a full deluxe experience!

Local Expertise

Receive an outstanding attention from those who knows better the area. We hire local collaborators to directly help the development of our communities and share our love with the Costa Rican family.

Impeccable status

Our team is committed to deliver you on-time a fully functioning golf cart, cleaned following the highest standard for the best customer experience.

Legal Permits

We are a fully responsible business, complying with all the Costa Rican legal requirements and permits to operate, including the insurances for you and our staff.

Our Models & Pricing

Largest fleet in all Guanacaste

Feel free to contact us! no matter the group size, we will bring a solution to you. We count with the largest fleet available in Guanacaste to ensure the best availability during high season. 

Golf Carts

This is your best option to travel around town with your family and friends. We have available electric and gas models, with for 4 and 6 passenger capacity.

Side by Side (SSV)

Take your own road! Visit exclusive beaches, reach beautiful landscapes, or just live the experience of the local sideroads and trails with our 4×4 Side by Side Vehicles and UTVs.


Roam free, with no limits. Take advantage of our different 4×4 ATV options and drive that adventure you want, without needing a tour guide.


There’s no major freedom than riding a motorcycle! Avoid traffic blocks, ride dirty roads and get wherever you want quick. We have options for all types of explorers.

Special Pricing

Committed to your satisfaction and the best quality of service you deserve, we offer special rates for long term rentals, along with exclusive offers for people with disabilities, elders, pregnant women, and families with infants. Please contact us with your details at the time of the completion of your query.

Long-term rentals start at 14 days. We offer special prices for 14 to 20 days, 21 to 27 days, and 28+ days. 


Get your golf cart at your home location. Enjoy our delivery service within the following areas:

Tamarindo & Langosta Beach

Hacienda Pinilla

Playa Grande

Reserva Conchal



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What Our customers say

We are always happy to share with the world your experience with us, and we love to receive feedback to improve our services. You can leave your comments and reviews on our Facebook page and Google Maps profile.

We offer you the best coverage


Customer Support

A full-time mechanic specialized in electric carts gives constant maintenance to our golf carts, and in such good hands, we are proud to share that each vehicle we deliver has been entirely revised and in good functioning, with no exception.

Our EZGO RXV carts are ruggedized versions of the most common golf carts available in rental fleets. They have special features such as bigger tires, higher frame, stronger and more comfortable suspension.

If the golf cart shows a malfunction that requires mechanic intervention, you can always contact our emergency phone number. Our staff will take charge to guide you on the issue verification, if it cannot be fixed with their remote guidance and it’s an emergency, they will travel to your location to either fix the issue or to change the golf cart.


All our golf carts are properly insured with INS (the official state-owned insurance company in Costa Rica). When clients don’t have a personal insurance, this insurance facilitates the process of opening a file, and we work in partnership with INS representatives to accompany you to deal with the claim. This support allows our clients to still enjoy their vacations without worrying or dealing with a stressful insurance claim in a foreign country and language.

Please note that a valid driving license is required to be allowed to rent a golf cart, and to drive it. Temporary driver’s license is not accepted, in order to fulfill and respect the requirements of INS insurances.


Fequently Asked Questions & Claims

The first thing to do is to contact us on our WhatsApp support lines: +506.8433.8601 Our office schedule is Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 – 17:00.

Important: Email it’s not available for emergency support.

After your booking has been confirmed, you may choose to claim the Golf Cart at our office or get it delivered to your home location.

Delivery service available in:

Tamarindo & Langosta Beach

Hacienda Pinilla

Playa Grande

Reserva Conchal



  • Rental vehicles undergo a high number of hours and mileage every day.
  • Electric components of the electric vehicles are exposed to significant challenges with the high humidity of Guanacaste and air salinity of coastal regions.
  • Bumpy roads and speed bumps on which clients are not always used to drive, or they won’t drive in a way that preserves the integrity of the carts, have a significant impact on the midterm proper functioning of the golf cart.

Due to these and other usage factors, some failures may occur. The most common failures are flat tires, electronic failure of components such as lights, flashers, or exceptionally, charging failures. Other functioning failures may occur.

Upon each delivery, our staff will explain you how the golf cart works, how to charge it, and indications of what to do in case of minor dysfunction. If you cannot fix the problem, you are invited to call (email is not available for this cases) our support number for free assistance. If it’s not an emergency, a representative will come the day after during the morning. All our golf carts have an integrated GPS to locate them in case of emergency, a highly valuable feature that contributes to an improved security for you, or your clients.

We are pleased to say that our resources such as specialized staff, GPS and security systems, and the largest fleet of carts in Guanacaste, makes it easy for us to intervene, whether for quick inspection, in-place repairs or just change the cart, giving the tranquility that you or you clients will not lose precious vacation time.

All the carts we offer are completely legal to drive on public roads, without exception, and with all the required permissions up to date such as Costa Rica’s Riteve (state-regulated technical revision), license plates, and public transit permits (marchamo).

You may drive the carts outside Tamarindo and Langosta, even in gated communities (ex. Reserva Conchal, Hacienda Pinilla, and others). Please note that gated communities may have their own rules for the usage golf carts within their facilities.

Moreover, our company complies with all the Costa Rican legal obligations, including municipal permits of functioning, Ministry of Health permits, we are up to date with the Ministerio de Hacienda (Costa Rican treasury ministry), Staff social and safety insurances with the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) and INS, and other legal requirements to fully function in the country. It’s important for us that every dollar you spend with us is contributing to the development of this wonderful country we call home. 


Enjoy your vacations,
driving safe and comfortable

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